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For those that still read my blog (I know, I’ve been a little slow at getting things together on here.. let’s ignore the fact that the last post was in January!) you’ll be happy to know that I’m now going to be actively blogging again – sharing behind the scenes, experiences, events and new releases!

I’m excited to share with you my first ever book, ‘Fashion Photography 101‘! My goal when writing the book was to create a workshop-style guide that would be easy to follow and catered to every level of photographer (from the technicalities – camera settings, lighting techniques, studio and location environments to the organization – model direction, casting, retouching and marketing!). My inspiration was clear – referencing back when I was keen to start as a fashion photographer and trying to find guidance. I found that there were a limited number of resources on how to get started within the industry, what tools and tricks you needed to know, and most importantly – noticed. Whilst I referenced as much as I could and put it into practice, I found a lot of what I learned was through self-teaching, experimentation and picking myself up when I made mistakes (and believe me in the beginning there were a lot of them!). When the publisher approached me to write a book over a year ago, it took me some time to think about exactly what I wanted to share and how I would inspire an audience through the content. After much thought, I came to the conclusion that a clear, concise guide was exactly what I would have needed to help me avoid those mistakes in the beginning, and give me a clear vision on what I needed to do to start making my mark within the photo and fashion industry.

There’s a lot of fantastic technical and fashion photography guide books on the market, but with ‘Fashion Photography 101′ I’ve tried to share as much personal knowledge as I can whilst also trying to simplify modern techniques that are overwhelming to many at first.

Thank you to everyone involved in the making of the book & to those that are featured amongst the pages (models, styling teams and assistants). This could not have been possible without your hard work!

If you’re interested in grabbing a copy of the book for yourself then head on over to Amazon, or your nearest major book store (WhSmiths, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters, just to name a few, all stock the book in stores, and online). Please note that the cover featured is the UK edition.

  1. KiaraBlack

    I simply love the book. It’s not only written for beginners so each photographer can learn a few things. You did a great job Lara

  2. David Lara

    Hi Lara Jade, this is the “other” Lara :) Congrats on your book and the upcoming CreativeLive workshop (wanted to submit a video, but wasn’t sure if i’d get picked since i’ve already been to one of your workshops).

    Anyhow was wondering if you are planning on having this book as a digital download/app/book?

    Best wishes.

  3. Mariela Feliz Fernandez

    I’m soon ordering it soon! Can’t wait!

  4. Clipping Path Outsource

    Lara you are really doing great.
    I like it too much.

  5. Ayla Shaw

    Hi Lara, My names Ayla. I am doing a project in my photography class and my project is about you and I have a couple of questions to ask. Could you please email me or comment back? Thank you (:

  6. Ken Tan

    I will be ordering, Lara! Saw you on Creative Live and has been following you since! You are an inspiration!

  7. wee

    I actually found some new help and advice from this.
    It’s awesome that you spent the time to do all of this. I once more find myself spending a significant amount of time simultaneously reading and/or commenting. But so what, it was nevertheless beneficial.

  8. Md Wasim Haque

    i think i found just the right book that i need to learn about fashion photography. Thank you so much for sharing your experience through this book.

  9. Felix

    Bought and I wonder how it is..will be delivered on tuesday. Anticipation!!