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2011, A Retrospective.

2011 has been an incredible year for me.

Most important of all, I finally made the move from my hometown in England to New York City after many visits the previous year. The change of location has been refreshing for me and I’ve been able to pick up the pace of my work life and also settle down personally. I believe that surrounding yourself with an inspiring environment (especially as an artist) and with other creatives helps encourage you in your career path without you even knowing it! I live and breathe what I do, so I need to be around like-minded people and in a city that never sleeps.

This year has also opened many doors to travel opportunities  – I have been honoured to be able to visit some beautiful locations this year, Hawaii (twice), Toronto and of course re-visiting London and exploring New York which have all been productive and eye-opening. Seasoned travellers will understand me on this one – I feel like I now have the travel bug! In 2012, travel destinations already include a workshop in Australia and possible trips in the US and in parts of Europe. I have decided to give myself a unique travel destination every year and find new experiences.

Work-wise, I found an incredibly supportive London agent, Balcony Jump who have encouraged my personal and commercial work within Europe, and I’ve also developed my editorial portfolio extensively – working closely with my new New York and London connections and challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and shoot more stories in the studio.

As some of you may know, I just released a collaboration DVD ‘Lara Jade Vs Joey L: Photographer Shoot Off’ with my arch-nemesis Joey L which had been in development over the past two years – it felt great to finally release something after such a long production cycle, and Joey and I are very happy with the outcome. Teaching and sharing knowledge is still new to me (since I only started teaching workshops last December), but I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge!

It’s still under wraps, but I’ve been working on a new fashion photography guidance book through UK publisher ILEX Press. I am pleased to say it is FINALLY finished and it’s nice to know that all those weeks of writing have not gone to waste. I feel like the whole process of writing it and researching was like going back to school and re-visiting my much-loved two year photography programme. Not to say it will be all educational-based, it’s going to be jam-packed with my photography and my personal knowledge as well as technical information for an all you need-to-know photography hand-book. Unfortunately (as I know some people will ask to order) I don’t have any details on the publishing date just yet, but I will let you all know as soon as I have the details!

To all of you reading this now, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your continued support of my work – your comments/messages/faves/emails/likes etc. are ALL appreciated. Even if I don’t get time to respond to all of your messages, you should know I do try and read them all.All the best in the new year, 2012 will be a productive one!

LJ xo

I am going to leave you with some of those ‘special’ 2011 moments, those oh-no-you-didn’t-I-caught-it-on-camera moments and some special highlights for fun and giggles. Thank you to everyone that works with me for making my working year a blast!

The creation of the beach shoot for Material Girl Magazine. It’s amazing how easy it is to brighten a dull day by entertaining yourself with childhood activities… and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed making those sandcastles. Photos by Oscar May.

The creative team on set at the beach in South England. Photo by Oscar May.

The beautiful Diana R on set for the cemetery shoot in London. Photo by Oscar May.

Hair stylist Tomo and wardrobe stylist Krishan making magic. Photo by Oscar May.

The Maui, Hawaii Workshop Team & Attendees – loved this two day workshop in paradise!

Mr Matthew Alvarado & Mr Kevin Garrison – my two right hand men on my Maui April Workshop

NY Workshop – all I remember this day is how bad I felt for everyone with the heat! That rooftop was like working upon a giant baking tray! Note to self: don’t book workshops on rooftops in the summer again.

The creation of the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ editorial shoot. Me & the creative team on set. Photo by Nicole De Waal.

Shooting the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’ in the studio. If it’s one thing I love about shooting editorials, it’s bringing long term shoot ideas to life! Photo by Nicole De Waal.

Deborah, Me & Nicole on set at a Brooklyn beach in October. A cold but picture-perfect day!

On set: If it’s one thing everyone knows about me, it’s the way I treat the models – here I am encouraging the model to go into the water at a beach in October (I’m joking, but she did it!) Photo by Nicole De Waal.

Deborah Altizio is a woman of many talents, she isn’t just known for her excellent make up artistry – she is also a bird whisperer. Photo by Nicole De Waal.

Maui the second-time around, except thirteen people less than before (phew). Me & the team looking out over the North Shore. Photo by Megan Jolie Photography.

On top of Haleakala Mountain, Maui at too-early-oclock. Also, don’t look twice – this is the only time you’ll ever, and I mean ever see me in such awful attire again. I think the last time I wore sweatpants was when I was half my age now. My excuse (as always) is that I thought the top of the mountain would be warmer and Valerie came to the rescue.

Editorial Magazine shoot in Brooklyn. I love this team & I love these kind of shoots! Ally, you still need to take me to yoga, don’t let me say no. Photo by Chris Davis.

Shooting for clothing brand The Fold in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Photo by Kait Robinson.

Just because we always need a group photo at the end of every workshop! This is my Toronto workshop team (day 2) – incredibly nice to teach. You make my job easy! Photo by Cammy Jones.

…and it’s amazing how quick a second changes a group of people? Why, just because! Work isn’t work.. it’s fun. Photo by Cammy Jones.




  2. Andrew

    Great post :D
    Best wishes for 2012 :D

  3. amanda

    sounds like a very productive year, lara! ita about living in inspiring places… I am working on that :) I’m looking forward to reading the fashion book. best of luck for 2012 :)

  4. Brandi

    I have observed your work since you started on DeviantArt. You are around my age and I am so happy for you and jealous of you. You have came such a long way in your work and I am so glad you are experiencing so much success. I would be so honored to be able to attend one of your workshops so that’s on my wishlist. Congratulations and have a fantastic new year!

  5. Amelia

    I loved reading this blog post, you are such an inspiration to me! I am so happy to see that you have gained so much success in your photography. You truly deserve it. I hope I have the money for your next workshop in London! Hope 2012 is a great year!

  6. david

    Well done Lara Jade.
    Great to see someone who has genuinely found themselves in their element. All the best in 2012 Disappointed you chose not to work with my brother and I though

  7. Miss M.

    I really ADORE you. You are so beautiful, gorgeous, .. just breathtaking. Wow, this was a really good year for you & I hope, that 2012 will bring you again many wonderful expieriences. And I think you should make some books – some with photographs taking by you and one book just with manymany photographs of yourself, because you are SO talented, I love it!

  8. Deea

    Wonderful blog post, I love the photos!:) Wish you all the best in 2012, may it be an even greater year than the one we’re leaving behind.

    Keep up the AMAZING work!

  9. Wonderland Avenue

    What a great year I’ve had following your adventures on the interweb and twitter etc…I love watching raw talent grow and grow and you have talent in bucket loads. Good luck with 2012 and really excited about continuing to follow your exploits.

  10. Silke

    Thanks for being amazing, thanks for sharing it

  11. iLuca

    u are great lara. i love how young and focus at the same time you are!!!!!

  12. Martin Lippert photography

    Thanks for the Inspiration, beautiful pictures.


So, finally we can announce the official release of ‘Lara Jade VS Joey L: Photographer Shoot Off’ – our workshop-on-a-disc extravaganza that took us a whole two years in the making – blood, sweat, tears, dirty lenses and racking our brains trying to figure out how we were going to make this collaboration work!

“Lara Jade VS Joey L: Photographer Shoot Off” will offer guidance and knowledge to every level of photographer and ultimately inspire to find your own style. We invite you to step inside of our vision and observe as we compete head to head in photo shoot challenges around the world. So, whether you’re a photographer just starting out or you are a professional working within your chosen industry this tutorial DVD is the tool you need to inspire you to find your own journey and vision!

 The content of the DVD covers everything how to work in a variety of shoot environments and situations giving you first-hand perspective on how we compose our shoots from start to finish – from direction, lighting and finally – the photo editing.

Get your copy today!

Feel free to visit our exclusive store [] for more information and to grab yourself a copy! We are currently offering the DVD at a holiday promo price at just $199 until Jan 1st 2012 (usually $250!).

One-Liner Contest

As we are in the mood for the holidays and with the content of the DVD being the rivalry between two photographers we are also announcing a little contest to help spread the word of the DVD. The contest is called “the one-liner contest”. To enter you need to think of a photography or Photoshop related one-liner joke and post it on twitter – make sure to include a link to our official website and the hashtag #LJVSJLso we can track all of your submissions!

Remember – this is light-hearted fun so get thinking of the most insulting things you can use! Here’s a few of our own examples:

“It’d only be a “beauty dish” if you wore it over your face.” #LJVSJL

“The clone tool was invented for people like you!” #LJVSJL

 So what’s in it for the winners? The top 3 best one-liners are chosen by me & Joey and will receive an amazing prize! Me & Joey will be providing a limited edition signed print and B&H Photo are giving one of the winners a fabulous $100 gift card to spend in their store!

 Me & Joey are extremely proud of this project and hope you are just as excited as us to see our work come to light!

LJ & JL.

  1. Juanmi Carcelen

    I want to know if the dvd have got spanish subtitles or, at least, english subtitles.
    It’s hard to me to understand all the spoken english words.

    Thanks for your time! You are doing an amazing work like always :)

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  4. tinacotts

    hi just registered ,, tina