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Hawaii Workshop May 2011

Group Shot. Photo Credit: © Ashley Smith

Last month in May I had the most incredible experience of being able to visit one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands – Maui. I have always dreamed of being able to visit (let alone, work!) in such a beautiful and exotic location so when photographer Matthew Alvarado threw the subject at me of teaching a workshop there back in January I was a little skeptical at first with how I would organize everything so far from the location. However, I was overwhelmed with bookings and response immediately after placing up the location and dates on the website and all was set for me flying out!

The workshop was a two day on location ‘lighting’ workshop which covered everything from my knowledge from shooting in the studio with ‘soft light’, to using accessories to bounce and shape light outside, using pure natural light and also a brief introduction on creative lighting on location. I also gave a brief introduction to retouching techniques and advice and feedback to each atendee. Having a two day workshop really give me an insight into every photographer’s work and personality. With almost half of the 16 atendees having their home in Hawaii I was sure of a warm welcome on the island and the rest of the crew traveled in from locations such as Vancouver, New York City, Florida and Tennessee.

Photo Credit: © Ashley Smith

I just want to thank all of my hardworking team members who did an amazing job organizing, producing and styling the photo shoots (in no particular order); Matthew Alvarado, Kat Davis, Kevin Garrison, Polly, Ry-n, Valerie, Brittany, Uliani, Stephanie. You all played a big part in creating a wonderful atmosphere at the workshops! Also a big thank you to California Sunbounce who kindly sent over a few of their reflectors for our use on the workshops!

I will shortly be adding dates for Hawaii again; Maui and Oahu in October. Hope to see you there!

Lara Jade. xox

  1. s h e r r y

    :) Cool!! Looks like it was a blast! :) Wish I could’ve made it.

  2. Alex Frame

    Lara You’re Amazing)
    So inspiring!