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So my April started with a plunge into three days of photography workshops in London! I have to say, my highlight of the start of this year has been teaching workshops – I feel incredibly lucky to be able to pass on my knowledge, share experiences and help others when it comes to photography and my workshops are a way of me doing this and in return putting back into my own business.

The workshops pull people in from every corner of the globe – Dubai, India, Ireland, Germany, Italy, India, Canada.. it’s amazing how many people make the effort to travel to London for this and I have to say I enjoyed meeting you all! Thank you to my amazing creative team who I know worked incredibly hard on each day of the workshop even with the early AM start.

I wanted to share with you some behind the scenes from the three days so you can get a glimpse into what the workshops host and how everything works on the day.. hope you enjoy them! xo

My workshops are being taken to NYC, London location workshops & Australia this year – to see more details and dates visit my website at



  1. ivan

    cool shoes

  2. Sheridan

    Come to Belgium!
    I would love to follow on of your workshops :D

  3. Tosin Pedro

    Looks like a good experience throughout. I’ll definitely be attending one soon.

  4. alex Frame

    I wish i would be there)

  5. jessica rae sommer

    Hello! Happy May- a tribute to you today on my blog. You’re work is breaktaking and very inspiring to this designer/artist… Thank you!!
    Jessica Rae

  6. School Ball Photographer

    Im off to buy a piggy bank – I have a new savings goal. See you at the next workshop!