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London Workshop Dec 2010

As many of you may have noticed – I’ve been starting to do fashion photography workshops aimed at beginner – intermediate photographers. I can honestly say I realise I thoroughly enjoy teaching other people and passing on my knowledge. Photography can be very intense and personal so giving back and putting myself in a position where I can pass on advice and share my experience is very beneficial to me – and I learn a thing or two, too!

My first courses were held in London at MindStudio in December – there were originally two dates and I immediately fully booked them all so I added another date, totalling it to three. The workshops are a full day intensive course based on fashion photography ‘from start to finish‘ and show the photographer how to plan the initial shoot, arrange and book a creative team, several lighting set ups in the studio, how to guide your model and a chance to each photographer to photograph ‘their’ images as well as a general advice and feedback session at the end of the day. The day is treated as I would treat a photo shoot myself – there is a creative team on hand, an experienced model, stylist, hair and make up artist – they are all their to guide and share their experiences also!

I have met some wonderful people on these courses and I’ve had some great feedback from the attendees on the day. The results I’ve seen from the photographers on the day have been amazing so far!

I will be adding more dates on over the next few weeks for NYC and hopefully Toronto, so please keep checking back.

LJ. x

(Photo Credit: Oscar May

  1. Justine

    I am so excited to hear that you are hoping to add Toronto as one of your destinations for a workshop. I hope it lands on a day that I can make it. I have admired your photography and business for years. It would be a dream come true!

  2. Kiara Black

    I’m hopefull I can come to London when you’ll make the next workshops there. Would love to book one of your workshops there.

  3. Taylor Jackson

    Lara if you come to toronto I’ll be the first one to sign up!

  4. Lizet

    i would love to join a course once… maybe someday!!

  5. Kathy

    Come to houston,tx plz I love your work!

  6. Miriam

    uha! I want to join your next workshop. I will now be visiting your blog every day to see when the next workshop will be ;)

  7. Kel

    These workshops seem like such a great idea, especially going through the ins and outs of organizing a shoot, not just the actual shooting.. because that can be the most difficult part of the whole process.

  8. Steven Paul

    Please let me know when you will have a workshop in NYC USA… I would like to attend and not miss it, maybe you can talk joey L to join in and make it a double header workshop or something… that would be fun… lol

  9. Samantha

    I really hope to one day get to experience a workshop of yours, you are so inspiring! Come out to Western Canada, we’re you’re biggest fans ;) (I’m sure without a doubt people would be clamoring to get you all set-up to come here too, haha)

  10. Tori

    You are an amazing photographer and this looks rather exciting and fun to do. Haha, I have no skills in fashion but it would be sweet to take a workshop of yours when I’m older. :)

  11. Sofia

    I’m blown away by your work!
    Please let me know when you’ll be holding a workshop in NYC and the price. Thanks!

  12. Chris Fawkes

    Keep me posted if you add Melbourne to your list.

  13. Annie

    Come to Toronto. Please! It’ll be amazing if you did – you’ve been my inspiration for my photography!

  14. melanie - m boutique photography

    I’m so there ffor Toronto or NYC…ca’t wait to get some news…

  15. rosa T

    greetings, Lara jade, your work is so creative and inspiring the emotions you evoke throughout your images are profound. please let me know when you will be doing some workshops in london

  16. PhotoAlbert

    I like last picture. Great Work

  17. fiorentina

    I would really love to come to your courses. please come to jakarta :( i need to learn a lot of things from you.

  18. fiorentina

    and please let me know when you want to do another workshops.

  19. Nicole Verity

    Please keep me posted on any workshops that will take place in London. Many Thanks

  20. Jaime Pavon Avilés

    Do you have any workshop for the 2013?? Thanks!


I had great fun shooting this editorial for Papercut Magazine a few months ago. My creative idea came alight with a wonderful creative team and my model Eva, who made a fitting actress for the story. I always love when I have full creative control on editorial work, it’s where I can let my mind run wild. A big thank you to Seth Jones who retouched this shoot. It is the first shoot I’ve had someone else work on in regards to post processing and I really think he took the story to the next level.

To view the editorial in full view Papercut Magazine online.

Photography: Lara Jade

Model: Eva Doll @ Premier

Styling: Janine Jauvel

Make Up: Keiko Nakamura

Limoz Logli: Hair

Retouching: M Seth Jones (

Assistance: Steven Read & Charlotte Bibby

Headpieces & Set Design by Luke Abby


Here are some behind the scenes…

(Photo Credit: Charlotte Bibby)

  1. Andrew

    Congrats! :D

  2. Samantha Nandez

    Love it! High fashion meets 5 year old birthday party. Flawlessly done.

  3. Brigitte Duong

    The photo of her licking off the mustache is just amazing! But great job on all the photos they are just amazing!

  4. Jakojax

    WOW! just amazing!!!!! really good ideas ! a wonderful work! keep going!

  5. Chris Fawkes

    Awesome, as usual.

  6. Kahulani

    Lara you are incredible, a gift to the world of art and photography.

  7. Sofia

    I realy admire your skills as a photografher. So many beautiful pictures you have tagen!

  8. S Jessica deal

    What a remarkable set of images!!! SUCH a creative concept!