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Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of having my own wonderland to such an extreme I’d go searching for it.. I was brought up watching fantasy movies – I didn’t want to be Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Ariel, I wanted to be Alice and my dream was to find my own wonderland. I often wondered how I’d find it, I’d spend days thinking about a world far from this bland reality we called earth. I wondered if there was an escape, a void, a secret door, a hole in this world I could escape into. I didn’t care what was behind it, that was the fun part – I needed to find it. I wanted it so much I’d actually crawl underneath the small gap underneath my bunk bed to see if there was a secret world, I’d look inside the closet, past my grandma’s fur coats hoping to touch snow and feel the chill on my skin from Narnia, I’d make dens and tree houses in forests and role play a different world. I’d swim every Saturday underwater and see how long I could hold my breath, dance with my eyes closed and my ears filled with the sound of beautiful music: I’d make different worlds in different scenarios.

I am still that little girl, dreaming. However, I’ve come to realize what I was searching for was right in front of me, I can make my world, my vision – right in my camera. I may not be in it, but I can create my vision. I can take that vivid imagination, pinpoint the exact moment, sketch is down, write ideas and then put that image to life.

(Photo above is of me and my sister around the age of four & five playing dress up)

  1. Janet Meas

    Your love of fairytales and finding your own wonderland shows in all of your photos. You’ve created your own style & it’s amazing. I will always love your work & be inspired by you!

  2. Brian

    this is quite lovely…thanks for sharing! Your work is really inspiring to see what you are doing! WOULD LOVE TO SHOOT NEXT TIME I’M IN THE UK. BEST WISHES!

  3. Alicia Raft

    :) I used to create wonderlands out of boxes, sneak into my attic, run away and spend the night in my little tree haven I made with a blanket in a pine tree. My grandmother always patiently watched alice in wonderland with me and encouraged me to search and create my worlds. Maybe we’re alike in coveting photography as that new and everchanging reality!

  4. Samantha Nandez

    The wonderful thing about what we do is that we never have to grow up. I always imagined it like neverland. We can keep our imaginations, we can play while we work, we have the ability to make dreams into reality. And while others lose all that, it’s our job to bring it back to them.

  5. TimR

    So poignant and beautiful. You’ve realized something most people never do their entire lives. And it shows in your work.

  6. Laura Abigail

    Thanks for sharing your wonderland with us. It’s great to see how you create a new world in every picture you take :D Keep up the great work Lara!


The last few months I’ve realized how powerful social media is – I’ve had the opportunity to experience the full extent of how powerful this is through networking and being around inspiring people. You only realize how small the world is when you meet a group of people who then get talking and they know someone else you know, it’s amazing when you think of how everyone is linked and this is mainly because of networking on the internet.

I am not ashamed to say how I’ve built up my base purely from the internet and using social media websites. I started off at the age of fourteen using the website DeviantART – it enabled me to interact with a well established community of artists from all different mediums. These people at the beginning are the ones that shaped me to the artist I am today, through criticism and encouragement and the constant following of my work whenever I took the next step. Later on I joined websites such as Flickr – which was a similar platform to engage with like-minded people and trawl through thousands of inspirational images. I still use these websites today – along with Twitter and recently I’ve started using Myspace again and I can 100 percent say that this is still a successful way of marketing myself and my work – it’s a form of encouragement and inspiration to say the least. If you’re reading this and you’re just starting – PLEASE look into using social media to get yourself started, join these websites, network, have fun! If you’re reading this and you’re a professional, then look into social media as a way of improving what you already have. Here’s a tip from me – “Don’t ever be satisfied with what you have. Push yourself, always try to better yourself”.

Only recently have I took the step to meet many of the people that have followed me or artists whose work I’ve admired – and it’s overwhelming how many of those people feel inspired by you and how ‘close’ you feel to them. I enjoy meeting new people, most of the people I’ve met have lead to a new door opening in my life in my work and personal life. We are all artists, we live and breathe the same air, we think the same, we spend countless hours stressing over how an image should look, we all get frustrated with the ‘starving artist’ element, we all want to be somebody, want to be unique. We ALL want to be ourselves but want to be known for being an individual. We put ourselves into our work.


  1. Elspeth Van Der Hol

    I love your blog m’dear, very inspirational.

    John from the BCU foundation course actually introduced me to your work, said you were the only girl who he’d said you didn’t need to be on that course!

    So jealous of your work! Haha.

    Keep at it, you’re awesome x

  2. AmyPunky Photography

    Great post! I totally believe in the power of social media. it has helped me so much.

  3. Vickie

    I look at your work and think its all so amazing yet i love how you don’t seem satisfied. Your work is such an inspiration to me and makes me want to try everything to be as sucessful in the world of photography as you are.

  4. Tonhya kae

    Thanks for sharing, love your work! Keep inspiring.. :)

  5. Usy

    This is just so true. I’ve been following you since you joined deviantART and it’s such an ispiration to see how much you improved yourself and your art year after year. It truly is.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  6. Ollie Millington

    well said :)

    I hear people on an almost daily basis saying things like ” I wish I had been working during the seventies” or ” this decade isn’t exciting like the sixties”… I feel sorry for those people.

  7. Janet Meas

    I completely agree with you! It has helped me a lot, and you are very inspiring. In addition to networking, interaction is also vital!

    You are so inspirational & I always comment in hopes that you will recognize me & one day we could work together or I would receive the honor of working under you.

    The benefit of social media networking is tremendous and I remember watching you on deviantart, it’s amazing to see how far and how successful you’ve become! & yet, you continue to work on it!

  8. Laura Abigail

    the Social Media is very powerful indeed :D
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy following you!
    Love, Laura Abigail

  9. Cheralee

    Can I just say I found your Deviant Art page when I was 15 and it was one of the most inspiring moments for me. you used to be my style icon too when you had that amazing black hair. Love the blonde too, I am blonde myself :)
    Keep up the awesome work, you just keep getting better and better.
    Love from Cheralee, in South Africa.xx