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So there’s been a lot of changes in my life and in my work recently!
The end of 2009 wasn’t a good time for me, although I am not going to share anything, due to respect for myself – I will say a few bad things happened in the form of relationships and trust. As well as having to find my feet again and move back in with my parents for the time being.

However, 2010 is already an exciting year for me and I’ve been presented with a lot of opportunities already. I have plans for travel this year – including a trip to New York in February for meetings and to catch up with a few friends. I have lots of new project plans for my personal work and I can say that my personal work will definately be one of my strong focuses this year.
I have started the new year with fresh ideas and a strong mind. I am surrounded by supportive friends and family and my work is taking a new and more ‘mature’ appearence. I am re-branding my business with a new website, blog and taking everything more seriously.

I can now say that my work is now in LUSH Magazine (
I shot the editorial ‘Head Games’ last August and was very impressed when LUSH wanted to feature it as editorial AND front cover…

I’ve also been working closely with new vintage lingerie brand Tallulah Love – which I will blog about in more detail at some point. I have worked with them on two different photo shoots so far.. the first shoot involved working with BNTM’s Jade Mcsorley. Have a look at their website

I’m in the process of sorting a new blog, so I’ll be posting more soon.. but for now hope this clears a few things & updates you with my newest works!

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